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AT the beginning of May I rang Homeserve Yorkshire Water, with whom I am insured, to attend to my washer as it had broken down.

Two days later an engineer paid a visit and said that he would have to get authorisation for the machine to be repaired.

A week later I phoned them and they told me it would be about a week to 10 days for the parts to come.

it is now June 22 and numerous phone calls later, yet I am now told the parts will not be available until July 1.

This has cost me money in phone calls, as the company hasn’t had the decency to contact me.

I am thankful to the help of relatives for doing my washing, whom I will pay as there are no local launderettes.

So if anyone is considering insuring their appliances with Homeserve forget it,

Put the money in the bank.

Joan Moody

Unions are bent on going to war

CALLING Planet Earth, calling Planet Earth.

Sorry, I thought I was on a different planet.

We have a government that will not listen, bringing in bills that are likely to destroy our communities.

Though these laws are being argued and some rewritten many are still wrong. The housing bill, welfare bill, prison bill. All are wrong.

Then we have the unions. intent upon a war with the government - a war they will lose. The only casualties will be Joe Public and the vulnerable in society.

We now need protection from both the government and the unions. Each have gone insane. All that the unions are bothered about are their members. But again are they? Members will lose more than they will gain. This is a war between Ed Milliband’s union brothers and the government.

Anthony Rodgers, S5