Pups orphaned in Sheffield hit and run

Molly Sunter 7 and the mortherless Powderpuff puppies
Molly Sunter 7 and the mortherless Powderpuff puppies
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THESE tiny puppies are being bottle-fed after their mother was killed in a hit-and-run car crash in Sheffield.

The five puppies - aged just 13 days old - were orphaned when their mother Ruby was knocked down on Darnall Road, Darnall.

Police are investigating after Ruby, a two-year-old powder puff Chinese crested bitch who belonged to 73-year-old window cleaner Arthur Wilson, was left dying in the road as the man who hit her drove off.

Her pups are being cared for by two neighbours as Arthur is too distraught to look after them.

Bridie Steer, one of the neighbours, said: “Ruby went to the front when Arthur was outside feeding his canaries.

“The car, a private hire taxi, came around the corner and hit her. He never stood a chance.

“Arthur saw it all and was very upset but the driver just shouted that she shouldn’t have been in the road.

“He then got back in the car and drove off leaving poor Arthur sobbing his heart out as Ruby died.

“We are now taking care of them but it is a 24-hour job.”

Police at Attercliffe are investigating the accident.

n Anyone with information about the crash should call police on 101.