Puppy rescued after falling into canal

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A PUPPY dog had to be rescued from a canal after falling into the water on a walk with its owner.

The Yorkshire Terrier-Jack Russell cross ended up stranded on a reed bed on the Dearne and Dove Canal near Wath Road at Elsecar.

The nine-month-old pooch was unable to get out until firefighters arrived with a ladder and climbed across to carry her to dry land, where she was reunited with her owner.

Firefighters said the dog, which had been off her lead when she fell in, was unharmed.

Crew members issued a warning about the dangers of open water following the rescue operation.

They said it could easily have been a child falling into the water.

A spokeswoman said: “Firefighters are urging people to take extra care near open water this summer. While the temptation during hot weather may be to cool off in lakes or rivers, it is impossible to gauge their temperature, flow or depth.

“Beware of locks and weirs where the water flows very quickly, never go swimming, fishing or boating on your own and, if you see someone in trouble, never jump in - call 999.”