Puppies dumped on sanctuary doorstep

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A litter of adorable puppies was dumped on the doorstep of a Sheffield charity.

Staff at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary discoveredseven Terriers - four boys and three girls - along with an older dog believed to be their father abandoned in a crate at its entrance.

Witnesses saw a car drive along Todwick Road, North Anston at high-speed before a man shoved the box out of the vehicle, which then zoomed off.

The charity launched an emergency appeal for food for the neglected pups, who arrived in a neglected state and riddled with worms, on Saturday.

Animal workers believe the cross breed three-month old babies, some of whom have deformities, are a ‘reject batch’.

Assistant manager Graham Paige said: “We were already bursting at the seams. They’ve litterally dumped them and drove off.”

Thornberry plans to ensure the pups and dad Boris are fighting fit before they are adopted.

Graham said: “We’re getting a lot of enquiries from Facebook but we are putting them all through a vet check.

“If anyone has information on where they came from theu should get in touch so the RSPCA can find out what’s going on.”