Pupils find place to take GCSEs after Sheffield private school closes following liquidation

Handsworth Christian School
Handsworth Christian School
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Sheffield pupils have been handed an exams lifeline after their school closed down just three weeks' ago.

Pupils at the £5,000-a-year Handsworth Christian School have been allowed to sit their GCSE exams at Hope House School in Barnsley.

Four Year 11 pupils faced an uncertain situation as with their summer exams on the horizon.

The closure has been heavily criticised by parents with school bosses citing a 'fall in numbers' leading to financial problems.

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Hope House School Principal Su Wood, said: Hope House School is a registered test centre and already offers a high quality of GCSEs. This has allowed us to provide a base for the Sheffield pupils to sit their exams and to rescue their education when the Sheffield Local Authority was unable to offer places the parents felt were appropriate.

"Serving the wider community and its children sits right at the heart of our values as a school so we were more than happy to find a way to help out these young people."

Hope House School is a private Christian school in the centre of Barnsley.