Pupils are taught about the dangers of playing with fire

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Young people in Carcroft and Skellow attended a Life Course at Adwick Fire Station to raise awareness of fire safety and antisocial behaviour issues.

The Redmond Tenants and Residents’ Association obtained funding to run the course, which offered the opportunity for children aged ten to 12 to work with firefighters for a week.

They took part in a number of activities with the aim of teaching them about discipline, team spirit and fire safety awareness.

Police officers from the Adwick Safer Neighbourhood Team worked with the fire service, St Leger Homes and local schools to set up the course and identify young people who would benefit from it.

Seven children took part in the course. They also learned how to use ladders, hoses and pumps.

The course ended with a display of the skills the young firefighters had learned, followed by a presentation in front of their family members.