Punting in Cambridge

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The main photograph in the Star’s travel article on Saturday July 11 is correctly titled “Punting on the River Cam near King’s College in Cambridge”. However, King’s College cannot be seen in this photograph.

It shows King’s College chapel immediately to the left of the tree, while the college shown on the left is Clare College.

Clare College is the second oldest college in the university, being founded by the Lady Elizabeth de Clare in 1326. Most undergraduates at Clare come from state schools, and the college seeks more applicants from our region than it actually gets.

So, anyone who is likely to obtain three A grades at advanced level, who is interested in going to Cambridge University, should apply.

The punt shown in the picture is three persons wide. This design of punt has been developed in recent years to accommodate more tourists than the standard two person wide punt.

The very large numbers of tourists in Cambridge and on the river nowadays make the experience a lot less enjoyable than previously.

BW Jervis

Sheffield, S11