Punished for following advice to save for old age

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So Nick Clegg and Iain Duncan Smith are raising the issue of pensioners’ allowances once again.

Not content with destroying our savings plans with rock bottom interest rates, they now want to claw even more back.

No wonder UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom said tongue in cheek that young workers would be better off not saving but claiming benefits when they got older.

Those pensioners who have worked all their lives, and taken successive Government’s advice to save, could now be punished by losing their bus passes and allowances whilst the workshy and the feckless will keep theirs.

Why should someone who has had a good income during their working life, bought an expensive house in a nice area, run a nice car and had good holidays, but saved nothing, benefit whilst those who have had smaller incomes, bought smaller houses and cars, and limited their holidays in an attempt to save will get punished for following Government advice?

Equally, those who haven’t worked and saved will also be rewarded. That cannot be fair. It is typical of the warped thinking of this government.

I wish I had thought this way when I was younger, my quality of life would have been better and the state would have been looking after me now.

Whatever money pensioners have saved has to last them until they die, they are unlikely to get richer by saving money from their pensions, as they get older. Perhaps the Government can decree at what age we should all conveniently pass away, and then work out how much money we will need to survive on until then, and base their means testing on that.

S. Collins