Pump water too

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If we can pump oil and gas from under the North Sea, why can’t the Government have pipelines from Scotland and other areas to send surplus water to regions that need it?

Water is more important than gas and oil. Plants, crops and the human race would perish without it.

How stupid are our leaders.

Paris Hulme, Hallam

Erupted in laughter

As I was travelling by bus from the city centre with my five-year-old son while, we headed down Birley Moor Road where I pointed out a privet that someone had skilfully shaped into a face.

My son asked: “Who’s supposed to be dad?” I told him I didn’t think it was meant to be anyone. He replied: “It could be Nick Clegg”

The whole bus erupted into laughter.

Steve Woolhouse

Twisted green logic

It comes as no surprise that the highways department plans to install yet another crossing on the Inner Relief Road, although you have to wonder why Capita Hartshead didn’t give more thought to how their staff were expected to get to work when they located there.

What is even less of a surprise is that the plan is supported by the Green Party - for no other reason, presumably, than the inconvenience it will cause to drivers.

By what twisted logic do they deduce that what is bad for motorists is automatically good for the environment?

PWK, Sheffield 3

Hit nail on the head

N Brownell’S comments hit the nail on the head: there are too many PC-goody-goodies in Sheffield and the UK.

RA Drewett, Castledine Gardens, S9