Public picks up the fee

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I READ with some amusement the letter from Richard Meggitts, who is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, about the proposed regulations on ‘no-win no-fee’ cases.

It may be the cynic in me but could it be that he is more concerned about a source of easy money drying up?

NWNF cases have been the biggest single contributor to us becoming a blame culture and more litigious society. The legal profession has milked this money cow almost dry.

They and the Health and Safety people have made almost any pastime a virtual non-starter.

No one begrudges the genuine claimant, who is seriously hurt, their right to compensation.

But the ambulance-chasers, or should I say personal injury lawyers, have brought regulation upon themselves with the number of spurious claims for minor injuries and hurt feelings etc.

If you have the smallest car accident, (or even if you haven’t!) you are inundated with calls almost begging you to make a claim for almost anything. The least you can have is the infamous ‘whiplash’, which no one can prove or disprove.

According to the motor insurers, whiplash accounts for 20 per cent of motor premiums and many insurers will just pay up to avoid the cost of going to court.

The term no-win no-fee is a misnomer.

There is a fee and it is us, the public, who pick up the bill through either taxation or increased motor insurance premiums.

Roy Morgan, Oughtibridge