Pub hit by spate of 16 violent incidents

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POLICE have asked for a review of the licence at a Sheffield bar where 16 violent incidents happened in nine months - including a suspected knife assault this month.

Redstone Bar, on West Street, was closed by police under an interim order after police said a man suffered a suspected knife wound on December 2. The licence will be reviewed by councillors this week.

Supt Martin Hemingway, of South Yorkshire Police, said in a report to Sheffield Council’s licensing board: “It’s a disturbing situation and this is why we have brought it to the attention of the council in such quick order.

“Shutting somewhere is the last resort. It’s a serious step and we don’t take it lightly.”

The December 2 incident happened on a night organised by an external promoter ‘backed by a member of an organised gang’ and attended by gangland figures, police said.

Officers said the suspected knife wound was ‘not serious’ and there is the possibility it could have been caused by falling on to a shot glass because it was crescent-shaped.

Six options are open to the licensing board, including modifying conditions, removing the premises supervisor or a revoking the licence.

A report to Sheffield Council’s licensing board said the grounds for a licence review were that in the opinion of a senior police officer ‘the premises are associated with serious crime or disorder, or both’.

Council chief licensing officer Steve Lonnia said: “In a written statement, police said there have been 16 recorded incidents at or involving the premises since March 2011, including assaults and large scale fighting both inside and outside the premises.

“The premises have closed, at the request of the police, on three occasions. Police detailed an incident on December 2 in which a male patron was slashed inside the premises.”

Mr Lonnia said councillors approved a temporary closure pending the full review hearing, at Sheffield Town Hall, on Friday’.

Redstone’s owners Treasure Investments Limited, based at The Brew House, on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, were not available to comment.