Proud to be from Sheffield

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AS towns and cities around the country held their breath in case they were torn apart by more violence from looting yobs, Sheffield was being praised for its down to earth attitude which is being credited for keeping the city safe.

For the general feeling is that the people of Sheffield are not so stupid that they would trash their home city.

This shows tremendous pride in the place so many people call home and we are delighted that it has been recognised by supporters of Sheffield who have been busy broadcasting their faith in Sheffield over the internet’s social networking sites.

They are full of confidence-boosting comments which confirm the view that we are a pragmatic community who value what we have more than covet what we haven’t got.

Long may this attitude prevail in these dark moments.

Don’t let appeal drag on for years

DELAYS in erecting a justly deserved statue to Sheffield’s Women of Steel cannot be allowed to drag on for years. For it must be unveiled in the lifetime of the women it will honour - and it cannot be ignored that time is not on their side.

When we launched our campaign for recognition of the women who kept the city’s steelworks operating during the second world war, there was no shortage of support.

And leading the charge to belatedly shake the hands of the women of steel were politicians, from the Prime Minister down, who were eager to show that they fully appreciated the debt the nation owed them.

There was also widespread agreement at Sheffield Town Hall that a statue should be erected in the city in permanent tribute to our women of steel. Now, though, Labour councillors say there is not enough money to honour this pledge and they are seeking contributions to make it a reality.

We join the plea and hope that it will not be too late for the women of steel when the statue is finally unveiled.

Well done, Walter

TODAY we are delighted to join the congratulations directed at Walter Holland, the man widely acknowledged as a true community icon. It is reckoned that just about everyone in the S6 district knows Walter and, judging by the celebrations, he is highly regarded for cheering up so many people over the years.

A party in his honour was a great way to show him just how special he has become to the local community. It is heartening to know that the local community is not so busy to notice the small but tremendously valuable contribution made by individuals.

Walter is one of a small army of similar folk around Sheffield who are famous simply for brightening up other people’s days. Let’s hear about them too!