Proud of the young people of Sheffield

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It is right to condemn those committing crimes during the riots we’ve all been witness to over the past few days.

I offer my praise and thanks to the young people of Sheffield who have been staunchly opposed to any vandalism in their home city.

I’m proud of the fact that we’ve risen above the senseless violence and mindless destruction of communities, businesses and lives that has taken place across the country.

The anger we’ve all expressed on twitter and facebook condemning the rioters has been excellent and is testament to our progressive thinking, caring for the city we live in, taking ownership of the communities we come from and supporting each other, young and old.

People are in no doubt that the criminals who have wrecked the lives of innocent others should be put through the courts, prosecuted and punished.

I’m also very proud of the good work of the South Yorkshire Police, who have kept the city updated, and dispelled rumours about non-existent disorder in Sheffield.

We now need people to take stock of the message we in Sheffield have already taken on. Riots are not welcome in our city and disorder is unwanted on our streets.

Sheffield is unique in its stance against rioting and so we should continue, as young people living in this city, to call for calm.

Join me in championing the voice of peaceful young people.

The young people of Sheffield are proof that not all of us are criminals.

Harrison Carter, Member of UK Youth Parliament Sheffield