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Both Councillor Price and Coun Fox have mentioned that there are over 2,000,000 trees in Sheffield and that 50,000 trees have been planted since January.

They also say that there are about 36,000 highway trees, both seem to be inferring that campaigners should, in their opinion, put the felling of the 11 Rustlings Road trees into that context and stop complaining.

The councillors are rightly proud of the tree numbers and so are most other Sheffielders too.

But as highway trees make up only about 1.8% of the total it means that the highway trees are special and should be particularly cherished and cared for.

Woods do provide a place to relax and enjoy the countryside in our urban setting. But highway trees offer something different - they brighten our morning as we go to work and they greet us as we make our way home at night - they should be cherished - everyone of them.

We who live in the “leafy suburbs” know we are lucky. I know that one of the key differences between the leafy suburbs and the rest of Sheffield suburbs is exactly that - there are no leafy trees.

Over time this can be improved by tree planting and the environment improved in other ways at the same time even if it’s not possible to match the housing stock in those “leafy” suburbs.

It should be part of tree strategy policies that wherever possible all new roads should be tree-lined and there should be a policy to plant trees along the streets in the larger estates around our city wherever and whenever possible.

So alongside the welcome increase in woodlands the policy should be to add highway trees; replace those that have been lost over the years (many more than nine have been lost on Rustlings Road, for example) and of course retain and maintain those that we do have now.

Support the Rustlings Trees.

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