Protestors set to target Ed Miliband’s Doncaster office

Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband
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Protestors are set to stage a demonstration outside the office of Labour leader and Doncaster MP Ed Miliband tonight.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance War on Waste Roadshow arrives in Doncaster at 6.15pm with TPA staff and supporters protesting against wasteful spending outside the constituency office of Doncaster North MP Mr Miliband.

Last year the Government spent some £718 billion, but far too much of it delivered little or no value to the taxpayer, according to the TPA.

The War on Waste Roadshow sees the TaxPayers’ Alliance make 29 stops across England and Wales over nine days, exposing just how much taxpayers’ money is wasted by politicians and bureaucrats.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance battle bus arrives at Mr Miliband’s office at 6.15pm and leaves at 6.45pm.

A spokesman for the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “Far too much taxpayers’ money is wasted, keeping taxes high and taking precious resources away from essential services. It’s time for a war on waste right across the public sector. If he’s to be taken seriously as a man to cut the cost of the public sector, Ed Miliband must pledge to cut unnecessary spending.

“It would be nothing short of immoral to saddle the next generation with our trillion-pound debt mountain. We need to strip out wasteful and unnecessary spending and start living within our means again.

“For too long taxpayers’ money has been spent with impunity, with little accountability and not enough transparency. The War on Waste hopes to change that and remind those we trust with our money that we’re watching how it is spent very carefully indeed.”