Protesters to target bank branch over tax

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Protestors are creating a food bank outside a HSBC bank branch in Sheffield today.

UK Uncut is taking the action in protest at the impact of the Government’s ‘slashing of social security and austerity on food poverty.’

Protests are planned for 12 towns and cities, including Sheffield.

Campaigners will set up the food bank outside HSBC at the top of Fargate in the day of ‘creative civil disobedience’.

They say benefit caps, low pay, the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ cut to housing benefit for people with spare rooms, scrapping of crisis loans and cuts on disability living or jobseekers’ allowance are driving people into shocking levels of poverty.

UK Uncut wants the Government to close loopholes on tax avoidance and evasion to cover the UK’s budget deficit.

Adele Bailey, from UK Uncut Sheffield said: “We’re targeting HSBC because a cabinet of millionaires are making a political choice to cut meagre social security payments rather than collect billions of pounds avoided through tax havens and reform our banking industry. HSBC uses tax havens more than any other UK bank, allowing it and its rich clients to avoid paying their fair share – leaving the rest of us with the bill.”