Protesters plan to create a stink at council meeting

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Residents of a Doncaster area village plagued by a persistent smell are planning a protest this evening.

They are frustrated by what they say is a lack of action by Bassetlaw District Council to enforce the permit conditions to reduce odour levels at Tunnel Tech North Ltd’s mushroom compost factory at Newington.

Those living in Misson, who are affected by the smell, are planning a demonstration at a council meeting at Retford Town Hall tonight at 6.30pm.

The factory has been emitting odours for 20 years and the residents say the smell is made up of butanone, which irriates the eyes and nose.

Residents claim that the odours also contain Dimethyl sulfide, which is highly flammable and irritating to eyes and skin.

It is harmful if swallowed and has an unpleasant odour even at extremely low concentrations.

They also claim the smell contains Acetaldehyde, a probable carcinogen in humans.

A report submitted to the council by Tunnel Tech in May 2011 found that the ingredients had been discovered in quantities much greater than the odour threshold.

The council has since allowed Tunnel Tech North to carry on emitting the odours despite the company failing to abide with its permit conditions designed to eliminate the problem, the protesters allege.

Tunnel Tech Complaints Committee spokeswoman Stephen Williamson said the residents were ‘determined’ to highlight their disatisfaction and ‘hope that the company can be brought to book’.