Protester in airport demo was head boy

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A FORMER head boy from Eckington in North Derbyshire was among six climate change protesters convicted of aggravated trespass after breaching security at Manchester Airport and forming a human circle around the wheel of a plane to prevent it taking off.

Jess Bradley, aged 22, who had been head boy at Eckington School, was one of 17 people who participated in the protest last May.

Their demonstration involved a Monarch Airlines holiday jet.

The Manchester University student and five other protesters were charged and stood trial at Trafford Magistrates’ Court, where they were found guilty after a two-day trial.

But Bradley walked free from court after a series of references was read on behalf of him and the other defendants.

Each was given two-year conditional discharges and ordered to pay £310 costs.

The six, members of the Plane Stupid campaign against airport expansion, had denied the charge - saying they “acted out of necessity to prevent the higher crime of climate change”.

The protest led to the airport being temporarily closed.

After the ruling, Bradley vowed to continue to protest.

He said: “Climate change is accelerating at the same rate as it was before and continues to be the biggest threat to life as we know it.

“Civil disobedience is a duty and a responsibility, and we will continue to act to stop climate change”.