Protest planned tonight over Tory deal with the DUP at Barkers' Pool in Sheffield

Protest at Barkers' Pool (s)
Protest at Barkers' Pool (s)
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Hundreds of people are expected to protest against the Conservative's plan to form a government with the support of the DUP in Sheffield tonight.

A protest against the proposal has been planned for tonight at Barkers' Pool in Sheffield, starting at 6pm.

The protest plans to call on Theresa May to abandon the 'coalition of chaos' and disassociate themselves from the Northern Irish unionists.

The party, which has historic links with the region’s protestant community, has long held anti-abortion and anti-same sex marriage policies.

Talks between Theresa May and the DUP over a deal that would prop up the Conservative Government have been "constructive" and are "going well".

The discussions, which have been held today, have moved from Number 10 to Parliament to allow the Prime Minister to speak in the Commons.

DUP leader Arlene Foster, who was accompanied by deputy Nigel Dodds, said she believed there would be a "successful conclusion" soon.

A confidence and supply deal is likely to be arranged between the two parties, securing the Conservatives a majority in Parliament on key votes.

Sheffield Young Labour (SYL) have organised the event and said people need to stand in opposition to the "coalition of chaos".

A statement from SYL read: "The Tory-DUP coalition is one that legitimises racists, sexists and homophobes and will create a government rooted in bigotry and hatred.

"The DUP have ties with UDA paramilitary terrorist forces, and such people cannot be tolerated as our legitimate representatives.

"Let us stand in opposition to this coalition of chaos, which none of us voted for, who didn't win the popular vote and cannot be said to represent us in any way.

"Our opposition must be stated and our voices must be heard: this government is not in our name!

"Let's fight for a properly funded NHS, a better education system, no tuition fees, a £10 minimum wage, workers rights, environmental protections, and for a future.

"Stand for Corbyn, rally for hope! Let's go out and create a positive future for Britain, not the Tory/DUP's hateful state."

A deal with the DUP is expected to be announced in the coming days and the government have confirmed they will delay the Queen’s Speech to provide more time for talks.