Protest camp to downsize

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OCCUPY Sheffield protestors are to downsize their camp outside the city’s Cathedral – but cannot agree how many tents to leave.

The group held a meeting last night, but ‘failed to reach a consensus’ on the way forward.

They met after cathedral leaders made a final plea for them to leave the forecourt, where they have been camped since November 5, within a week or face potential legal action.

Camp members have recently taken possession of the city’s old Salvation Army citadel on Cross Burgess Street and said they plan to relocate much of the camp there.

Spokesman Jobee said: “We’re staying outside the cathedral. What people are debating is how many tents to leave there. We’ve taken some tents down already.”

The group plans a further meeting over the weekend to discuss the matter.

The Very Reverend Peter Bradley, the Dean of Sheffield, has repeatedly asked the camp to leave.

In his latest plea, he said the camp had ‘disrupted’ the cathedral’s work and was a ‘drain on resources’.

The statement from him and the Cathedral Chapter said the camp was unattended and communicated little with the public – but this is contested by protestors.