Protest at firm accused of breaking tip strike

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SUPPORTERS of striking recycling workers are set to stage a protest today at a Sheffield haulage firm which they claim is strike-breaking.

The protestors, who claim MHH Contracting Ltd’s hauliers are breaking the ongoing strke by Sova Recycling workers, will gather outside the firm’s offices in Carlisle Street East, Brightside.

The Sova workers walked out indefinitely on Saturday because of a row over reduced opening hours and job cuts affecting the city’s five waste recycling centres.

Alistair Tice, who is supporting the striking recycling workers, said: “MHH is the haulage company contracted by Veolia and Sova to break the strike by emptying skips.

“This is work normally done by Veolia drivers, who are members of the GMB union and are refusing to cross picket lines.

“The Sova strikers themselves cannot attend the protest due to the anti-trade union laws that outlaw secondary picketing.”

Mr Tice said the campaigners will appeal to the hauliers not to break the strike, hand out leaflets and unfurl banners.

He said the protestors would also be presenting Martin Hague, boss of MHH, with a letter calling on him to end his contract with Veolia and Sova.

The letter says: “At best you can expect a few weeks’ profits from this contract, but is it worth it at the expense of your claimed reputation as a family business caring about the environment?

“We ask you to reconsider your priorities and withdraw from this contract, which will send a clear message to the council, Veolia and Sova to get around the negotiating table to resolve this industrial dispute and maintain decent public recycling services in Sheffield.”

The Star asked MHH Contracting Ltd to comment but no one had contacted us at the time of going to press.

Veolia, which is contracted by the council to run the city’s tips and subcontracts Sova to staff the sites, wants to reduce the opening hours which will mean the loss of seven jobs.

The dispute began in November last year.