Protecting city’s water

wildlife habitat
wildlife habitat
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A £2 million investment project will create wildlife habitats in Sheffield for community enjoyment.

The initiative - which was largely funded by Sheffield Housing Company in connection with the development of 771 new homes - will invest in four sustainable drainage projects in the city.

The schemes will also remove 90,000 cubic metres of run off rainwater from the city’s sewers – the equivalent of nearly 10 million toilet flushes, 2.5 million showers or 1.25 million loads of washing.

This will help provide far better protection against the kind of flooding seen in the UK over recent years due to sudden, heavy downpours and prolonged wet weather.

The first of the projects, which is already underway, is at Parson Cross Park. Here, three basins have been created – one of which will always be wet and suitable for marshland planting and wildlife.

The other two will flood only in wetter weather and could be used as play areas during drier spells.

A Pocket Park, below the new Birchlands development on Earl Marshal Road in Fir Vale, will be adapted to manage the surface water before flowing to the Bagley Dike watercourse.

At Manor Top, an underground stream will be brought to the surface of a hillside site - providing opportunity for a number of water flow rock features.

Finally, a wetland biodiversity area will be added to the Pipworth recreation ground, in the lower Manor neighbourhood, with native plants that should attract amphibians and birds. As well as improving the capacity of the sewage system to deal with storms, the schemes will also remove pollutants from the water before it flows into local streams, brooks and rivers.