Protected trees facing axe due to safety fears

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PROTECTED trees are set to be felled and others pruned to lessen the risk of ‘damage to nearby properties in extreme weather’.

North East Derbyshire Council’s planning committee will consider the application to fell 19 trees and prune 11 others at Green Lane, Dronfield, during a meeting on Tuesday.

All the trees, which are mainly horse chestnuts, currently have tree protection orders prohibiting their felling.

Dronfield Town Council is objecting to the removal of such a large number of trees. There was also concern from the public about loss of wildlife habitats.

But planning officers say the 17 earmarked for removal are in ‘poor condition’ and are leaning ‘significantly’.

A planning officer added: “The horse chestnuts are believed to be threatened by a leaf mining insect, a scale insect, bacterial canker and a fungal bleeding canker. This leaves the horse chestnuts at significant risk.”

The 11 trees being pruned are to be reduced in height and have their crowns lifted.

Planning officers add that removing the trees will allow others nearby to ‘thrive’.