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near my Sheffield home, a drug dealer does as he pleases, playing anti-socially loud music while he and his thugs sit outside smoking drugs.

Whenever anyone has asked him to turn down his music they have been physically attacked, or had their property damaged.

The drug dealer has been to court over an assault and threats to murder a resident but was let off lightly, even though he physically injured his victim. In fact the law has done absolutely nothing to punish him.

So it isn’t surprising that some people think they can riot and get off lightly, when they see anti-social thugs committing crimes and getting zero in the way of punishment.

All threats to murder and all physical attacks should have a mandatory jail sentence of at least six months. This at least would protect the public and is some justice.

Name and address supplied

rotherham MP Denis MacShane criticised BNP chairman Nick Griffin for not appealing for calm in the riots. Would any of those criminals have taken the slightest notice?

John Winston Beatson, S8

Violence on the streets, greater violence to logic on this page. Our problems can apparently be blamed on human rights (which one to abolish first?), community policing and the smoking ban. Nonsense. Here’s what’s wrong: ill-mannered oafs in the street, in the media and in Parliament, bloodthirsty fantasies about state-sponsored slaughter, preferring condemnation to comprehension, sneering at ‘do-gooders’, deriding health and safety, humiliation as entertainment, voyeurism as news, confusing wealth with virtue and fame with merit, law-makers and law-enforcers paid by vested interests, special relations with torturers, trading oppression for oil, anti-science irrationalists and paranoid conspiracists who trash the planet and damn future generations, cuts at a time of plenty for the privileged, prison as the answer to everything, slavish subservience to the twitching zombie hand of the markets that enriches the reckless and pilfers our pensions. That’s what’s wrong.

J Robin Hughes, Worrall