Professor’s chance to see evidence become policy

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A Sheffield professor is hanging up his lab coat for a week to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the way in which research like his is used to form policy and legislation.

Professor Peter Styring, from the University of Sheffield, will spend a week with Dr Emma Hennessey at the House of Commons in Westminster as part of a unique pairing scheme between the UK’s national academy of science and the Government Office for Science.

Professor Styring will shadow Dr Hennessey, Deputy Head of Science at the Science Innovation Network, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to learn about her work and see firsthand how his research can be used to make evidence-based decisions. It will also give Dr Hennessey the opportunity to investigate the science behind her decisions.

Professor Styring said: “This is a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of key issues in Science and Engineering so as to inform and shape government policies and I’m delighted to be taking part.”The shaping of public policy can only improve over time as these relationships continue to grow.”