Problem trees blamed for Sheffield woman’s fall

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TREES planted almost 100 years ago are now so overgrown they are causing a safety hazard, a Sheffield pensioner claims.

Geoff Kay, of Western Road in Crookes, says his street is being blighted by several neglected trees - which were first planted in memory of the part played in World War One by former pupils of Westways Primary School.

The 80-year-old, who has lived in the area for 50 years, says the problem has become so bad that roots are raising the pavements from beneath, and he fears trees toppling onto houses during severe weather.

Mr Kay also claims daylight into his home is severely restricted.

The final straw for Mr Kay came when 78-year-old wife Betty had to be taken to hospital after tripping on a section of raised pavement, bursting her nose and smashing her glasses.

The council initially refused to cover the cost of replacement spectacles, but agreed after Mr Kay’s persistence.

Now he is urging the council to act to tackle the overgrown trees.

Mr Kay said: “The trees have been allowed to grow out of all proportion than they should be for the size of the road.

“I love trees, and the street used to be beautiful until they let it get in such a state.

“But we get no light in the front room in the summer because of the density of the trees. The pavements are a mess. My wife isn’t the first person to fall over. I’ve done it before, and I bet there’s more who have.”

A spokeswoman for Amey said: “We’re sorry for the injuries caused to Mrs Kay. We’ve been out to look at the particular condition the trees are in on Western Road, and have planned to carry out essential maintenance and pruning work in the coming weeks.”