Probe finds no evidence of sex offence at school

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POLICE have found no evidence against a staff member accused of serious sexual offence at a primary school in Sheffield.

Greenlands Infant School in Darnall was rocked by allegations last month that a non-teaching male member of staff had abused a young boy.

City leaders have now called on the community to move on from the controversy after police found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Headteacher Sue Daniels has decided to stay away from the school for the foreseeable future after a parents’ petition said they had ‘lost confidence’ in her leadership.

Junior head Pamela Smith will lead both parts of the school until July 2012.

The man at the centre of the allegations, who was immediately suspended when the controversy arose, will also stay away for the time being.

Council bosses are to hold discussions with the man and his trade union to decide a way forward.

Sonia Sharp, Sheffield director of education and children’s services, told The Star: “Parents and staff at the school have found this whole situation extremely difficult and worrying. The school and police acted professionally and ensured at every juncture that the school was safe.

“We are pleased that more than 90 per cent of parents chose to send their children back to the school quickly after it reopened.

“One of the positive things that has come out of this is that we have a fantastic group of parents here.

“We will continue to work with the parents and governing body to ensure that the school gets back to normal.”

Chief Superintendent Simon Torr said: “South Yorkshire Police have taken great care to handle this matter seriously and with sensitivity.

“Our investigation was robust, thorough and we explored every possible avenue.

“We have found no evidence to substantiate any criminal charges.”

Darnall councillor Mary Lea said: “We need to make sure the parents understand what has happened, that a thorough investigation has been carried out and police have found no case to answer. I would urge parents and the school to work together to get everything back to normal.”