Probation workers will fight government plans

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Thank you for covering the recent announcement that the Government are planning to privatise 70-80 per cent of the Probation Service.

Such a reckless decision flies in the face of recent monitoring of the performance of the Probation Service. In 2011/12 the service met all of its targets and won the prestigious British Quality Foundation Gold Award for Excellence. It also shows a complete cavalier attitude to the safety of our communities.

The Government are going to give 70-80 percent of our work to G4S, Serco and the like who will work with low and medium-risk-of-serious- harm clients, while qualified, trained and experienced probation officers will only work with a small minority of those assessed as high risk of causing serious harm.

What they are not telling the public is that medium risk of serious harm clients include those convicted of serious violence, arson, sex offences, robbery, domestic violence, manslaughter and many other serious offences.

These very clients will be supervised by unqualified people on the basis of how much profit these multi national companies can cream off.

The planned privatisation is part of a wider attack on our public services. They need to know that like health workers, council workers, teachers, postal workers and civil servants, probation workers will fight their vandalism all the way.

South Yorkshire Napo rep