Prison for girls’ killer driver

Olivia Lewry (right) and Jasmine Allsop (left), who died after being in collision with a car in Gosport, Hampshire.
Olivia Lewry (right) and Jasmine Allsop (left), who died after being in collision with a car in Gosport, Hampshire.
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A ‘boy racer’ who ran over and killed a South Yorkshire girl and her friend has been jailed for nine years – and condemned as a ‘menace’ on the roads.

Jasmine Allsop, aged 14, died along with her best friend Olivia Lewry, 16, when the two were knocked down by jobless Samuel Etherington.

The 20-year-old, who admitted two counts of death by dangerous driving, was hurtling at 65mph in a 30mph zone behind the wheel of a souped-up Honda Civic with a roaring exhaust.

Judge Guy Boney QC, who also banned him from the roads for seven years, described him as ‘quite simply a menace behind the steering wheel of a car’.

He said it was one of the most serious cases of death by dangerous driving seen by the courts for a very long time.

Jasmine had been a pupil at Trinity Academy in Thorne, Doncaster – where her friends held a candlelit vigil in her memory – and her dad Kevin MacLauchlan, 58, still lives in Thorne.

She had moved with her mum to Gosport in Hampshire, and the crash in November last year happened yards from her new home.

Nicholas Haggan QC, prosecuting at Winchester Crown Court, said blood tests carried out on Etherington showed he had previously taken ketamine and mephedrone which could have impaired his driving ability.

His Honda Civic car had been modified, with the suspension lowered and a special exhaust fitted which emitted a louder noise.

The girls had had a party at Jasmine’s home and were standing outside when Etherington drove past them, revving his engine, prompting them to shout abuse.

So Etherington turned the car around and drove at high speed directly towards them.

“This defendant deliberately drove at the two girls, perhaps intending to frighten them because they had shouted at him, or perhaps simply he was showing off,” Mr Haggan said.

Oba Nsugbe QC, defending, said Etherington was ‘utterly remorseful’ and ‘cried for four days’ afterwards.