Priority is to help youths

Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright
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Giving young people somewhere to go to keep them off the streets and tidying up the area are among the priorities in a Sheffield suburb.

Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner, went on a walkabout in Darnall with councillors, police from the local safer neighbourhood team and community representatives.

Mr Wright said more needed to be done to give young people somewhere to go and something to do.

He said: “The Pakistani Muslim Centre provides that, but it’s a distance away.

“We talked about what we can do to try to resolve this by using other local buildings currently unused.”

He said he had urged residents to apply to his community grants scheme for funding.

He said there had been a large influx of EU migrants to Darnall and there were some community cohesion issues in the area.

He said: “The police and local authority are aware of some of the issues.

“They include unscrupulous landlords taking advantage and too many tenants within properties.

“ Sometimes there can be up to a dozen in a property and they need to be able to go and get some fresh air.

“There are also issues with groups of men hanging around on the streets.

“That can be intimidating for older people, it can put people off going to use the local shops and that impacts on business owners.”

Mr Wright was invited to the area by Taha Selah, Darnall Community Action Group chairman.

Inspector Paul Ferguson, from the local safer neighbourhood policing team, and Coun Harry Harpham joined in the walkabout.

Mr Wright said: “There were no actual crime issues raised, but the general feeling was that there is a lack of facilities for young people who are hanging around the streets and dropping litter, meaning there is a general feeling of a lack of care.”