Priority housing list

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CAN someone explain the way the so-called priority housing list works please?

My 23-year-old daughter and her fiancé lost their home due to not having their temporary job contract renewed – their home came with their job.

They had to put all their furnishings into a relative’s home and are both living with me, my husband and my 83-year-old grandmother in a three-bed semi. They sleep on the floor of the smallest bedroom, sharing it with their two Jack Russells!

They went to the housing department and were asked all the routine questions including if they were drug users, ex-prisoners, pregnant or had mental health problems. When they replied ‘no’, they were declined priority!

They appealed and eventually were given a six-month priority as they lost their home through no fault of their own.

They have bid on around 110 houses but have been offered nothing. They can see from the bidding system which houses have been offered to someone else and can see that in a lot of cases, people who were given ‘priority’ after them have been given homes. My daughter asked why they had been given ‘priority’ and was told it is just that people’s circumstances are different.

We understand some people with children are more in need of a home, but we know of people in the same circumstances as them who have received the offer of a home before them!

My daughter discovered that a man from Glasgow, who admitted to be a former drugs user and criminal was given a brand new flat in Sheffield.

How come criminals are offered housing before people who play by the rules & have always worked since leaving school?

My daughter needs her own home and also needs to live nearby as she is going to have to look after her sister who is due to have further brain surgery shortly and her nephew who will be going through a very traumatic time.

Relationships are becoming fraught. We are usually a very close family but now we bicker and argue. No-one has any space to breathe and we are seeing signs of depression.

Their six-month priority is nearly at an end and when my daughter asked what happens next, she was told that as long as she keeps bidding, they will just renew their priority.

What on earth does the word priority mean to Sheffield City Council?

Can someone please help us?

Paula Howard