Princess Petra

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AS pretty as a princess but as deaf as a post.

That’s three-year-old American Bulldog Petra who is presently being cared for at the RSPCA Animal Centre in Attercliffe.

Petra with animal care supervisor Vykki Whelan

Petra with animal care supervisor Vykki Whelan

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager, said: “Petra is a fantastic, very friendly dog with a particular requirement.

“This delightful white dog is deaf so she will need owners who are understanding of this and who can gently guide her.

“She does know a limited amount of sign language such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’ and being such a friendly and pleasant dog, she is very amenable to instruction and learning new things.

“But her new owners will need to be in her sight line to instruct or guide her and it also means that walking will need to primarily take place on an extension lead unless the area in which you are walking is contained and secure.”

Petra was brought into the centre very underweight, dirty and smelly.

Tony said: “She had a very large abscess in her gut that had to be removed and staff could only imagine what she must have gone through in the past. “Petra has has blossomed into a bouncy, happy dog with a great love of people. She rolls to have her tummy cuddled and loves to play with her toys but is equally happy to curl up with you and to relax.”