Primark defends itself after protest graffiti is sprawled on its Sheffield store

Graffiti on Primark, The Moor (s)
Graffiti on Primark, The Moor (s)
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Primark has defended itself after protest graffiti over workers' pay was sprawled on its Sheffield Moors shop front.

A message appeared on the front of the Moor shop on Monday which read: "Only as cheap as our workers".

The Moor said it was working with Sheffield BID and Primark to get the grafitti removed but the company said they have been left disappointed by the message.

A spokesperson from Primark said: "The standards we expect in our supply chain are high, because the welfare of the people who make our products matters to us.

“We are able to keep our prices low because our business is based on doing a few things differently to other brands.

"We do very little advertising, we make savings by buying in large quantities and we design clothes that offer the latest trend but don’t use expensive hangers, tags or labels.”

Amanda Phillips, Centre Manager for The Moor, said that the graffiti was counter-productive for the new buildings and high-street chains that Sheffield was trying to attack

She said: "We are working with Sheffield BID and Primark to get the graffiti removed.

"However by giving publicity to those who do this is not doing Sheffield any favours.

"Sheffield Star has a Pride in Sheffield campaign that we on The Moor whole heartedly support, and are contributing to by the significant investment from Aberdeen Asset Management in new buildings and in attracting national high street names to this area of the city centre."