Pride in clothing has nothing to do with class

I think Max Nottingham was very noble for pointing out that, '˜there is nowt wrong with being working class.'

Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 5:38 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 5:40 am
Mums in pyjamas

He is absolutely correct but is being working class reflected through a tendency to wear certain clothes during the school run?

I feel he missed an important point regarding the recent controversies surrounding advice which certain headteachers have given to parents.

Mr Nottingham was correct to point out that aspects of that advice were poorly received.

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There was a lot of controversy, because some extremely left wing people were quick to take offence and find snobbish motives.

I feel that headteachers have been well within their rights to give advice about what is suitable and what is not suitable school run clothing.

Standards matter, and they are not the exclusive privilege of the middle classes.

The vast majority of people, regardless of class, take pride in their clothing.

Most people would not want to embarrass themselves, or their children, by going to school still wearing pyjamas.

The idea that class had any bearing on this is just silly.

It does not point to any effort on behalf of middle class teachers to demonize working class parents, (as far as I am aware Karl Marx didn’t have much to say about this aspect of class war).

This storm in a teacup indicated there are some very thoughtful headteachers out there who want the best for the children they serve.

Councillor Nick Allen (Conservative)

Bessacarr ward, Doncaster