PREVIEW: Make friends with Dotty the Dragon

Dotty the Dragon
Dotty the Dragon
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Dotty is a baby Fire Dragon.

She lives in a dusty old castle with her grumpy dad, Mr Dragon. She loves to gaze down at the children playing in the village below. How she wishes she could join them...

Then one day, Dotty has a brilliant idea - she will fly down to the village and say hello! Won’t that be a lovely surprise? After all, everybody loves dragons - don’t they? This big-hearted adventure is being told at The Montgomery on Surrey Street in Sheffield this weekend, with an irresistable blend of magical songs, enchanting music, high energy storytelling and exquisite puppetry - there’s even a life-sized fire breathing dragon!

The show, created by Blunderbuss, runs for 55 minutes and is perfect for children aged three to seven.

Visit to book tickets, £9 each of £35 for four.