Pretty Polly needs a home after attack

Polly the Greyhoud with RSPCA Sheffield Branch's Animal Care Assistant Vykki Wheelan.
Polly the Greyhoud with RSPCA Sheffield Branch's Animal Care Assistant Vykki Wheelan.
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PRETTY Polly the greyhound would like to race into your arms and win your heart.

Three-year-old Polly was brought to the RSPCA Sheffield branch after a nasty attack by another dog.

And now this long-legged, loyal beauty, whose injuries are now completely healed, is waiting patiently to become your canine companion.

RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager Tony Benham said: “Polly is a beautiful, soft, loyal greyhound, smaller than you would expect for her breed, who adores people and who constantly wags her tail.

“This graceful lady would love an opportunity to show you why she should be your top-dog and the many qualities she has. After such a rough start in life, she certainly deserves that chance.

“Polly was rescued after being attacked by another dog and brought to our centre to recuperate, recover and find a new loving home.

“Despite this nasty attack, Polly’s wonderful, happy and outgoing nature has remained fully intact and she is ready once more to jump back into life with a loving new family or owner.

“She is a loving and loyal dog who looks at you with her soulful eyes as she tries to find out all about you and your plans for the day. She will make a fantastic doggy companion for someone looking for a delightful, intelligent softy to keep them company.

“We believe that Polly might have been raced in the past but her sporting days are firmly behind her and we are looking for a good, domestic home for her.”

Greyhounds do not need long extended periods of daily exercise as they were originally bred for sprinting rather than endurance.

Polly will need around two lots of 30-minute walks a day and any extra play or exercise opportunities.

n RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open every day except Wednesday from 12.30pm until 3.30pm and can be contacted on 0114 289 8050.