Pregnant woman 'feared for life' after nearly being shot in Sheffield nature reserve

Shire Brook Nature Reserve. Picture: GoogleShire Brook Nature Reserve. Picture: Google
Shire Brook Nature Reserve. Picture: Google
A pregnant woman has told how she feared for her life and that of her unborn baby when she was nearly shot while walking through a picturesque nature reserve.

Annie Mosley told how she was making her way home from work through the Shire Brook Valley Nature Reserve near Hackenthorpe when she was nearly hit.

In a warning issued to others on Facebook, the support worker said: "Anyone walking over the Shire Brook fields tonight be careful or avoid.

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"I have just walked over the field from work and was very close to getting shot.

"There are two people out there rabbit shooting. If I had been walking that little bit faster god knows what would have happened.

"I would have either lost my life or my unborn babies."

This latest incident comes after residents recently highlighted how sick yobs are tying razor sharp fishing lines between trees at neck height in woods close to the nature reserve.

Visitors to the woodland off Birley Spa Lane in Hackenthorpe told how callous yobs have tied the thin wire in at least three locations in what could be a potentially deadly trick.

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Residents said they believe angry members of the public could have put them up in a bid to stop nuisance off-road motorcyclists using the paths popular with walkers, runners and cyclists. A petition urging the council to create a designated park for off-road motorcyclists has been signed by 350 people and will be handed in to police and council chiefs if it reaches 500.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed the alleged shooting incident was reported to them at about 8.30pm on Wednesday, June 7.

A spokesperson added: "It was reported to police a noise that sounded like gun fire was heard in Shire Brook Valley Nature Reserve in Sheffield.

"Officers attended to conduct a search of the area and to speak to members of the public in the park.

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"After making enquiries no further reports were received and no one else was able to offer any additional information.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: "Whilst the shooting of rabbits is legal, with landowner's permission, the RSPCA is opposed to the killing or taking of wildlife – in circumstances where there is a proven case for controlling wild animals, we advocate the use of non-harmful methods of deterrence where possible."

Sheffield Council said the incident was a police matter and not for the authority to deal with.

The Shire Brook Valley Heritage Group, which maintains the site and a visitor centre, has been contacted for comment and we are awaiting a reply.