‘Predatory’ man fails in appeal

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A ‘PREDATORY’ male who “pressurised” a vulnerable woman into having sex with him has failed in an appeal against his jail term for harassment.

Ferdos Rabani, aged 42, of Seagrave Crescent, Gleadless, Sheffield, “forced” the office worker into a sexual relationship with him, using her heroin addiction to “control” her, London’s Criminal Appeal Court heard today.

Rabani, described as a “ruthless and domineering man”, used threats of violence and the fact that the woman wanted to keep her addiction secret from her family to make her do his bidding.

He also bombarded her with calls and texts and harassed her at work when she tried to avoid him.

Rabani was jailed for 18 months at Sheffield Crown Court on November 12 last year, after pleading guilty to putting a person in fear of violence through harassment and perverting the course of justice.

Lord Justice Richards, Mrs Justice Rafferty and Judge David Paget QC, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, were asked to cut that term having heard argument that it was too harsh.

Judge Paget, giving the court’s judgement, said of Rabani, who had a previous conviction for rape and four for threatening behaviour: “He was domineering and possessive.

“He had, in a sense, forced her into a sexual relationship, although there were no charges relating to that brought.

“He knew she was an addict and used that to control her including pressurising her to have sex. He was a predatory male with concerning jealousy issues.”

Rabani’s lawyers claimed he ought to have been given more credit for pleading guilty but, refusing permission to appeal, the judge concluded: “For the reasons given this application is refused.”