Praising fruits of the Lib Dems

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I WAS delighted to see Jackie Drayton praising the fruits of the last Lib Dem administration’s hard work in securing investment for Sheffield’s building schools for the future programme. While projects in other cities received reductions of up to 40%, the lobbying of Lib Dem councillors here resulted in a minimal 4% saving.

It’s excellent to see a Labour councillor paying tribute to the work of Lib Dem councillors who stood up for Sheffield. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to see Labour recognise the numerous achievements made under the last Lib Dem administration. I hope to see more in the future.

Coun Colin Ross, Lib Dem spokesman for children

Well done, Joe

well done to Joe Carter and his dad for organising the first ever Chase 4 Life, the men-only version of Race 4 Life. Let’s hope lots of sponsor money comes in for a good cause and the race gets as big as the women’s race has. Best wishes to Joe.

Anne, S8

Fierce dogs

The brothers return to Sheffield council, first thing they do is close, sorry, I mean privatise the Stocksbridge leisure centre. There are probably over half of the over 65-year-old flats filled with drug takers and alcoholics and various teenage riff raff, nearly all with large fierce dogs (which are not allowed). Please don’t print my details or I will be attacked and my property will probably be vandalised.

Dave from Stocksbridge