Praise for the road gritters

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PEOPLE are quick to criticise when the authorities get it wrong, but it’s important to acknowledge when they do something well.

Sheffield’s fleet of gritters have worked wonders to make sure that the roads are as safe as they can be over the last couple of days.

We realise they can’t cover every inch of road and pavement and that conditions like this will always present us with difficult travelling conditions.

But intelligent planning minimises the danger to us.

Road users should remember to do their bit by always driving with the utmost care.

Free yourself from domestic abuse

TEN thousand people will suffer from domestic violence next year.

The stereotypical view of violence that takes place behind the closed doors of your home can be far from reality.

Olivia Dunton thought that domestic violence was something that happened to other people. But the articulate, confident and bright 30-year-old’s life began to unravel as her partner became increasingly abusive towards her.

Many ask why partners don’t just walk away – but it isn’t as easy as that.

However, it is vitally important that they know how to disengage themselves from the cycle of abuse.

The Domestic Abuse Helpline is a gateway to abuse services in the city and is manned by trained specialist staff who can help.

January is one of the busiest times for the helpline as stresses in the home reach a peak when financial troubles begin to bite.

But there is a simple message. You do not have to tolerate it, help is out there. So whether you are a man or a woman, get help to free yourself from a cycle of violence.

Give litter the KO

WELL done to Bridget Ingle in challenging Meadowhall and the bus operating companies to do something about the litter around the shopping centre and interchange.

Her dad, the legendary Brendan Ingle, takes his boxing charges out litterpicking around Wincobank as part of a community service.

Bridget has asked him to stop and written to the companies to make a contribution to the litter clean-up.

She is missing one point, however, and that is that the litter is caused by people. Meadowhall and the bus companies should certainly contribute, but they should also help educate people not to cause the litter in the first place.