Powers-that-be should re-think these plans

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I WONDER if others can see the potential for disaster that is looming from the government threat to stop benefits being paid directly to landlords and to make people take responsibility for their lives.

While very laudable, it’s full of pitfalls that have not been taken into account.

I agree that the benefits system is out of hand and something needs to be done but I’m sure there are better ways than the proposed changes.

Many people will manage perfectly well and pay their rent and other bills like the good citizens they are.

But there are many who will only see this as giving them more money to spend on things other than their rent (ie drugs and drink), thereby causing the problem of possible eviction .

And, as the number of homeless people grows, the crime rate which had started to drop will rise again with an increase of robberies, muggings and anti-social behaviour; the appalling increase in arson attacks is just the precursor of what is waiting around the corner.

Therefore, the powers-that-be should rethink this change to the payment of housing benefits and continue paying landlords directly so those on benefits will have secure tenure of their homes.

Pauline West, Sheffield