Power plant plan given £5m boost

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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PLANS to build a green power plant in Doncaster have moved a step closer - just weeks after a rival project was dealt a major blow.

Proposals to create an environmentally-friendly carbon capture storage complex in Stainforth are now set to progress after Millennium Generation, the company behind the plan, was awarded a £5.8 million grant by the Government.

The news comes after rival firm 2Co Energy, which wants to build a similar plant in nearby Hatfield, was left off a Government list of projects in line for £1 billion of European cash.

Millennium Generation will use the cash to develop its plans alongside two other energy firms and Imperial College in the bid to open a three megawatt clean power station in the village.

Announcing the grants, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Edward Davey said: “These announcements help maintain the UK’s place leading the world in carbon capture storage and delivering and affordable and secure low carbon energy mix.

“Through the projects we have selected, pioneering companies and universities will be able to create new jobs and expand their markets.”

Millennium Generation was among 13 different projects nationwide collecting a share of £20 million - with the biggest chunk of the cash going towards developing the Doncaster-based pilot project.

CCS is seen as the newest, greenest energy alternative, allowing the safe removal and storage of carbon emissions from coal and gas plants with scores of firms across the country vying to become involved in the initiative.

But last month, The Don Valley Carbon Capture and Storage project, to be built alongside Hatfield Colliery, was effectively sidelined after missing out on being put forward by the UK government for European funding.

Lewis Gillies, chief executive of 2Co Energy, described the decision as ‘disappointing news for the Doncaster area’.