Power blackouts could hit Sheffield due to decaying network, warns electricity boss

Sheffield could be hit by power blackouts because of the country’s decaying electricity network, the boss of the National Grid has warned.

Friday, 4th September 2020, 11:41 am

Sheffield is at a heightened risk of blackouts compared to other UK cities as it is served by just two power lines

Should one fail, the city could only rely on the other to provide all of its power.

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Sheffield could be hit by power blackouts because of a decaying network.

National Grid CEO John Pettigrew fears power lines in parts of the country will 'decay,' after energy regulator Ofgem denied NG’s suggestion to charge consumers for replacing them.

According to The Times, the utility group, along with SSE and Scottish Power, has reached a stalemate with Ofgem over a settlement that would have returns from next year and cancel billions of pounds worth of investments.

He says the National Grid had £40million plans to replace one of the Sheffield's only two power lines.

Ofgem reportedly told The Times that the National Grid did not demonstrate the need for a replacement.

Speaking on the wider issue, Mr Pettigrew told The Times: 'It is deeply concerning for us because ultimately you're increasing the risk on the network.

'The risk of a loss of supply increases as a result of not spending as much on asset health, because the assets are deteriorating as they age.'

A spokeswoman for the regulator told The Times: 'Wherever network companies have demonstrated they need vital funding, we have given them the go ahead.'

She added it would not allow for billions of pounds to spent on proposals that were described as poorly evidenced.