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Rosemary this pondweed is getting out of hand !
Rosemary this pondweed is getting out of hand !
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I never expected a response to my little story about my childhood experience of foxhunting. I was merely trying to show both sides of the coin.

I was surprised, and somewhat amused that I am perceived as a lifelong poultry farmer who, as a 15- year-old, made some sort of mistake. Not true, on either count, I gave no such indication.

It’s true, you can make as many excursions into the countryside as you like but it’s unlikely you’d ever spot a free range poultry farm.

You would probably have missed ours if you’d driven past it, that’s if you’d chosen to drive up our lane. Most of them are off the beaten track.

However, an excursion into Google reveals that they are out there somewhere and a quick online check of the egg counters of the big four supermarkets indicate that they must be meeting the huge demand as, collectively, about 70 per centof the items on the shelves are free range.

I stand foursquare alongside the prolific Mr Palmer in his call to support the farming community, (Tuesday, November 17), because really, from my standpoint, this is what this all about.

If a wild animal is killed, only the animal is affected.

If livestock is killed or infected by a wild animal, and it makes no difference whether it represents an infinitesimal fraction of a percent in the statistics or is at the other end of the spectrum, the owners’ lives are affected, both financially and emotionally.

We should always remember that.


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