Potty! Council workers fill pothole...with wheel still in it

half filled in pot hole in Badger Road, Woodhouse.
half filled in pot hole in Badger Road, Woodhouse.
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CRAZY council road workers filled in a pothole on a Sheffield street - around the wheel of a van which was parked in it.

Potty workmen only partly tarred the foot-long pothole on Badger Road in Woodhouse - because one tyre of Simon Linfoot’s van was parked in it.

Rather than ask Simon to move his vehicle so they could fill in all of the hole, the bungling contractors simply daubed tar around his wheel in the parts of the crater they could reach.

When Simon drove off in his LDV Pilot van, he left the remainder of the pothole behind.

The outraged 41-year-old told The Star he was furious.

“They are paid to do a job, and we get this,” he fumed. “It’s laughable.”

Simon, a father-of-three, said he thought nothing of council workers marking out the areas of Badger Road where they planned to carry out repairs to potholes caused by winter ice and grit.

“I actually saw the council worker walking along our road marking the holes to be filled in,” he said.

“But it was only afterwards, when I went to get into my vehicle, that I found they had filled in one of the holes around my wheel. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Unemployed Simon said he initially found the whole thing ‘comical’.

“But then I thought about the serious side - the total lack of initiative by the workmen who did it,” he said.

“It’s just typical Sheffield Council. The authorities have supposedly got millions of pounds to spend, but where does it all go? We certainly don’t see any of it.”

The botched job was criticised by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which branded it a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Campaign manager Emma Boon said: “This is an absolutely idiotic thing to do, and a clear waste of taxpayers’ money.

“By just doing half a job these workers have created an extra cost to the taxpayer because someone else is now going to have to go back and do the job properly.

“The council needs to ensure that if they are employing people to do a job they can be relied upon to do it properly.

“There is nothing that frustrates drivers and local residents more than poorly maintained roads.

“Council tax has nearly doubled in the last 10 years and a lot of that money is supposed to be spent on maintaining roads. Taxpayers in Sheffield deserve a better deal than this.”

Sheffield Council said it was sending out workers today to rectify the problem.

A spokesman said: “We have not received a complaint about this pothole, but it is our policy to respond as quickly as possible.

“Our Street Force team will deal with it today - providing there are not any vehicles covering the hole.”

Sheffield Council has been awarded £1.2 billion to be spent over 25 years on repairing holes in highways which earned Sheffield its ‘Pothole City’ reputation.

Under the scheme 1,200 miles of roads will be brought up to standard and then maintained until 2037.