Potholed South Yorkshire road is ‘accident waiting to happen’

Kim Culley has been measuring depths of potholes on Grange Lane
Kim Culley has been measuring depths of potholes on Grange Lane
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A grandfather fears a South Yorkshire road he says is riddled with potholes is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

Kim Culley has raised concerns about Grange Lane in Maltby with Rotherham Council over several months.

He said: “I’ve been told parish councillors have complained about the state of this road for two years.

“It is a major accident waiting to happen.

“If you watch people driving along the road they do as though it is a slalom course because they know where the potholes are.

“This is a built up area and somebody has to take responsibility.”

Rotherham Council says any pothole found to be dangerous is repaired in 24 hours.

Mr Culley, of Stainton, uses the road regularly and did start court proceedings against the council to recoup £1,000 of damage to his car, which he says was caused by a pothole on Grange Lane.

But the case was adjourned and he has now withdrawn his claim.

The former Sheffield city centre manager has also complained about the measuring equipment the council uses following two inspections of the road.

He claims the measuring stick did not bridge the gap of a pothole and, although it showed a depth of 40mm, the true depth of defects was 70mm.

But Colin Knight, highways network manager for Rotherham Council, denied the road was dangerous.

He added: “The authority’s top priority is to ensure roads and footways are maintained to the nationally-recognised safety standards using approved measuring equipment.

“I can assure residents dangerous defects are always given a very high priority and are generally made safe within 24 hours.”

Grange Lane is to be placed on the forward works programme for discussion in October.

n Report potholes or street defects to 01709 336003.