Post Office bill wrangle sorted

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HANDLING pensions and making millions of payments for older people, Post Office counter clerks are in a unique position of responsibility and the consequences of a stray transaction can be far-reaching.

Florence Goodrich, aged 93, lives alone and depends on the council’s Citywide alarm system.

But she was left isolated when the phone line to her home in Hillsborough was cut off.

Investigations showed she had failed to pay her BT bill.

But a month earlier she went into the Hillsborough Post Office specifically to pay it. But the amount, £59.65, was paid into her nPower electricity account.

Her daughter, Margaret Bingham, said: “The Post Office says she must have handed over her nPower card. But the receipt is stapled to her BT bill.”

A Post Office spokesman said they would refund the money.

“As we do not want our customer to be inconvenienced any longer, we have decided as a gesture of goodwill, to reimburse Mrs Goodrich.”

“We do of course have sympathy for any distress this has caused. However, we can confirm that the customer must have handed over her Northern Electric card as this card was credited with the £59.65. ”