Possible 'sighting' of missing Doncaster teen Andrew Gosden ten years after disappearance

A Doncaster teenager who has been missing for more than ten years could be living and working in Lincoln, according to new information.
Andrew Gosden, who went missing in 2007.Andrew Gosden, who went missing in 2007.
Andrew Gosden, who went missing in 2007.

Andrew Gosden, who disappeared in 2007 at the age of 14, could be working in the area according to a possible 'sighting' of him shared on Facebook by his father Kevin

There have been no confimed sightings of Andrew since he was spotted leaving King's Cross railway station in London on September 14, 2007.

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Now his father Kevin has said there has been information suggesting his son - who would now be 24 - could be in Lincolnshire.

Writing on the "Missing Andrew Gosden" Facebook page he wrote: "Last year, I was contacted by someone who believed they may have had a conversation with Andrew online.

"A number of clues were present but nothing 100% conclusive.

"The conversation suggested that Andrew could be alive and well and working in a shop in the Lincoln area.

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"We quietly searched these areas at the beginning of the year and in April a number of volunteers helped us to distribute 5,000 leaflets in the area.

"Four possible sightings were received, but none were Andrew. Needless to say, should you happen to live in the Lincoln area or have friends that do, please share this with them, but remember that we could be out of date as this has been going on for many months."

He added: "Andrew, if you should see this, please know that we have never given up searching for you.

"We understand that you may find it hard to re-establish contact. We would love to know you are alive and well. Please call Missing People in confidence and include a memory which we share to confirm your identity. We have always loved you and cared about you. We will always be here for you."

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Andrew has been the subject of intense nationwide searches and appeals since he went missing 11 years ago.

The gifted McAuley School pupil left the family home in Balby, withdrew £200 from his bank account and bought a one-way ticket to King's Cross from Doncaster and has not been seen since.

Meanwhile, Mr Gosden has said rock band Muse, one of Andrew's favourite acts, will screen a cinema appeal nationwide on July 12.

The appeal will be made during the screening of their Drones tour.

Anyone with information about Andrew, please call Missing People on 116000 or the Police on 101, freephone 24/7.