Popular Sheffield artist leaves hospital after life-saving liver transplant

Sheffield artist Pete McKee is out of hospital after a liver transplant.
Pete McKee leaves hospital. Picture Pete Mckee ArtPete McKee leaves hospital. Picture Pete Mckee Art
Pete McKee leaves hospital. Picture Pete Mckee Art

The well-known painter and cartoonist was diagnosed with end stage liver disease two years ago.

The condition, more commonly known as cirrhosis, deteriorated to the point where the 51-year-old had to be put on the transplant list.

He underwent a transplant at a hospital in Leeds last week.

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Pete took to Facebook to inform his fans he had now left hospital and was now focusing on watching Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship play-off games.

He said: "Just thought you would like to know they have let me out early for good behaviour so I can watch the match from the comfort of my own home. Don't worry, they have let me take nurse Mrs M home with me (think a cross between Hattie Jacques and Barbara Windsor).

"Obviously I'm not out of the woods yet and the road is very long and winding. But at least I'm on that road and not parked in the lay-by.

"Thank's to everyone of you for your messages of love and support and the hospital staff for giving me the energy to go forward.

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"Please sign up to the donor list it only takes a moment and could make a huge difference."

Pete, a cartoonist for the Sheffield Telegraph, has a shop on Sharrow Vale Road and has created a number of popular larger-than-life street-art projects including The Snog’ on Broad Lane.

He said his problems were caused by a rare genetic condition and sparked a massive change’ in lifestyle and perspective, including diet changes and giving up drinking.

Thousands of fans have wished the artist a speedy recovery and praised the donor and their family.