Popular rock band forced to abandon final Sheffield gig early after power cut

Corporation Sheffield - Google Maps
Corporation Sheffield - Google Maps
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Hundreds of fans were left disappointed last night after a power cut forced a popular Sheffield rock band to abandon their final

Sheffield rock band Black Spiders were due to perform at popular night club Corporation last night as part of their farewell tour.

However, with the band just minutes into their performance, a power cut plunged the club into darkness.

Devastated fans took to Twitter to inform Northern PowerGrid of the failure in the hope that power could be restored quickly.

However, despite engineers rushing to the Sheffield venue, the band were forced to abandon the gig following the lengthy delay.

Northern Powergrid said a fault with the substation fuse caused the power cut, which affected five properties in the area.

Black Spiders

Black Spiders

Power was restored at around 11.15pm but not in time for the popular band to finish their set.

Black Spiders said they would reschedule their final Sheffield performance for a later date.